Special Recommendations

Online/Distance learning has huge advantage using the internet. Online studies at any school gives you the opportunity to study at your own pace and time, allowing you to be in control.

There are some recommendations that we must make, to protect your privacy and personal interest.

We highly recommend that your online studies with us is kept distinctly separated from your employment, unless your employer has granted you permission to use their equipment such as computer, printer, materials and the use of their internet connection such as email address, etc. Also, very importantly, make sure your employer has granted your business time to conduct such studies, if you are doing anything related to the school.

The reason is that while you are under their employment, you cannot use their equipment for personal use, neither employment funds when you are using time (hours/minutes) which they are paying for your work.

If you are granted such permission, make sure that it specifically describes it. It should be in writing by an authorized supervisor of your employment, signed and dated. This guarantee your protection in case said supervisor no longer works there, or any of your co-workers has any issue with this matter.

In any case, it is best to keep your studies and employment separated because your internet research, preparation and submissions of summaries and exams, and evaluations and grading of your academic work are your personal business.

You must have internet connection to conduct studies with this school.