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Education Freedom Network of America, LLC


This Academy is an educational entity of Education Freedom Network of America, LLC., duly established under the corporation laws of the State of New Jersey. The Academy maintain a humanistic relationship with the Caribbean Peoples Community, an educational effort sponsored by the Universidad Libre de Puerto Rico y El Caribe, Inc., a duly established and registered educational institution in San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA. 

100% ONLINE –  HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA IN 10 DAYS OR LESS ($45 non-refundable registration)

We charge $295 for the high school program. A survey on other schools offering similar high school online programs revealed that most of them charge between $1,000 to $1,800 for a High School Diploma equally legal and valid as ours.




Welcome to EFNA High School Academy, a New Jersey, USA institution. The Founder strongly believes that education is a human right and that no one has the right to deprive any person of his/her right to be educated. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on December 10, 1948 clearly endorses in its Article 26 the importance of education for the preservation of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

EFNA offers a variety of programs leading to earning your Diploma. Register today using the Contact Form. There is no obligation in contacting us. All information is free. 

Most students have selected the EXAMINATION ONLY PROGRAM and have completed the program in less than 10 days.

Education Freedom Network of America LLC., Iglesia Internacional Reformista, Inc., and Universidad Libre de Puerto Rico y El Caribe, Inc., jointly support Comunidad de los Pueblos Caribeños. The LLC company is not a subsidiary of any other corporation. EFNA High School Academy is a corporate division of Education Freedom Network of America, LLC.

Ofrecemos consideración especial para otorgar los doctorados ad honorem de la universidad a todo educador y profesor calificado, ya retirado del magisterio.

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Become a Certified Counseling Life Coach. 

The Academy is Affiliated With: Universidad Libre de Puerto Rico y El Caribe, Inc. San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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